Wharton Business Daily, Highlights from Paul Pluschkell Interview

Wharton Business Daily

Paul Pluschkell, CEO of StartupOS sits down with Dan Loney, host of the Wharton Business Daily, to discuss the origins of StartupOS and the value it creates for founders today. Paul and Dan also explore the following questions: Are startups struggling to find funding in this challenging economy? If so, what can they do about it?

Paul states that investors speak a very different language, one that founders must learn to be able to raise capital. He lists the following 3 critically important things he tells his mentees — after telling them to survive at all costs, that is:

  1. Show investors that you are low risk;
  2. Prove that you have huge potential; and
  3. Showcase outside interest.

Listen below to find out how you can achieve all three and go get funded!

To learn more about Wharton Business Daily or to listen to the full episode, visit: https://businessradio.wharton.upenn.edu/wharton-business-daily/
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