The StartupOS Discovery Board:
Research. Save. Repeat!

Discovery Boards

You’ve come up with a brilliant idea. It’s in your head…or maybe it’s written down in a notebook somewhere. No, perhaps it’s in that document you couldn’t find earlier. Now that you think about it, where is that sticky note you wrote down last night?

Research and discovery—particularly within a startup—is a never-ending process. It’s a cycle of continuous innovation that’s meant to improve your idea or product for an ever-changing market. At StartupOS, we believe that keeping this research process organized among you, your team, and your mentors is not only preferred, but critical to long-term success. With this in mind, we’ve created our own Discovery Board as a space for both individual and teamwide collaboration. Because wouldn’t it be great to finally keep all your team’s dedicated research and sparks of inspiration in one place?

Discovery Boards

The StartupOS Discovery Board provides you and your team with the ability to collect, store, and share market and user research, inspiration, and notes. “Connect the dots” with your teammates and mentors by creating a PowerDot, or a research note, complete with space for a title, description, link, and even tags.

To create a PowerDot:

1. Select the Discovery Board icon () from the left side menu.

2. Click + New PowerDot

Discovery Boards, New PowerDot

3. Fill out your PowerDot (Attach a relevant file or link down below!)

Discovery Boards, edit PowerDot

4. Add a Tag or Share your PowerDot with a teammate or mentor:

Discovery Boards, Share

5. That’s it! Your PowerDot will autosave once you click back to your Discovery Board. Now go ‘Research, Save, Repeat!’

Discovery Boards

Tip: Have a quick thought you’d like to save? Click on the note icon () to jot it down.

Collecting and connecting your notes and ‘PowerDots’ along your StartupOS journey will fuel and synthesize new insights as you brainstorm ideas, research leads, and complete various PowerUps.

Now, go create, explore, and connect some PowerDots of your own unique brilliance! What ideas will you reimagine?

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