The Impetus for StartupOS

The Impetus for StartupOS

Starting a company is a rush. To take an idea, build the courage to run with it and actually take the first step towards turning into a reality, now that’s exciting! It doesn’t take a seasoned entrepreneur to know that there will be twists and turns along the way, but each new venture is a special journey. Those who are seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the best things about working in the startup space is the network you build over time and the support it provides. You quickly realize that you don’t have to – and quite frankly, can’t – make the journey alone.

But there’s a twist.

“A startup is a team sport, not an individual sport.”

For that first-time founder, that network might not yet exist. Some are fortunate to have built-in connections, whether that be through family, friends or school, who a new founder can reach out to. Someone who they can talk to who can help make the path easier to navigate.

One of the reasons startups are successful is because they were empowered from the beginning with access to innovation tools, guidance and capital, to support the growth of their company. Not every founder has the same level of empowerment.

We want to change that.

StartupOS aims to dramatically increase the overall number of startups and the probability of their success for new, diverse generations of founders. To do that, we are building a platform that democratizes access to the resources and knowledge that will accelerate growth and remove the most common friction points on a startup’s journey.

In addition to our own experiences, we worked with our early investor SVB Financial Group, the parent of Silicon Valley Bank, to conduct over 50 interviews to identify some of the most common pain points for founders.

Who we met with:


First Time Founders


Serial Founders


VC Operating Partners


SVB Customers

14 First Time Founders – 22 Serial Founders – 17 VC Operating Partners – 20 SVB Customers

Most Common Pain Points:

  • Product-Market-Fit
  • Running back-office operations
  • Fundraising
  • Obtaining good guidance to move the venture forward

We also know this: There are many books, checklists, courses, etc. out there that say they can help. What they lack is a holistic approach that combines technology, flexibility (because every founder’s journey is different!) and human connection – all in an effort to increase the success of the startups that join our platform.

We know that by providing all founders with the resources and opportunities to succeed, we will see more startups flourish. The StartupOS platform brings a network of coaches, mentors and investors, along with an ecosystem of partners, together to serve as a virtual roadmap to success.

Network Effect

My passion for working with startups stems from the network we build and the support we can give our fellow entrepreneurs. I frequently receive phone calls from individuals looking for advice on founder-related issues. I love the opportunity to help, but know that I can only scratch the surface of how much I can support. With StartupOS, we can take my, and others’, experiences and turn it into a platform so that we can support even more of our fellow startups with new levels of scale! At their core, entrepreneurs are those who dare to dream. We aim to create a platform that helps make those dreams a reality.

On this blog, we will share thought leadership, based on our experiences and those from the vast network we’ve built over many years of entrepreneurship. Follow us to see how we can be right by your side, so that you don’t make the journey alone!

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