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Tosh Ernest

“The StartupOS dashboard streamlined our founder review process for our pitch competitions, saving us countless hours in due diligence. The dashboard’s sleek UI and intuitive features made reviewing entrepreneurs not just faster, but smarter. A true innovation in assessing the founders building society’s next big idea.”

“I have loved refining our start up offer using the AI tools with StartupOS. It has given our team great clarity and helped with provide clarity with our business model and data room requirements. It has prepared us to focus on building our business and to meet with investors. If you have not checked out StartupOS please do it is worth its weight in gold. Great people, and great technology!”

Jodi McPherson
Mason Orme, PhD

“My experience with StartupOS has been phenomenal. Their unwavering support from the start has been invaluable, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to any founder seeking guidance and community.”

“Prior to StartupOS I’d been using a number of AI and ChatGPT-based solutions (WrightSonic, LivePlan) to develop ideas. As a tech person, the key attraction to StartupOS was its AI’s simplicity and guidance. I can read, walk-through and fill-in a few simple bits of information — instead of “engineering” a series of ChatGPT prompts — and get great results. That was a huge power-up!

The difference between StartupOS’ PowerUp AI and other tools I had been using, like WrightSonic and LivePlan, was the simplicity, specificity and guidance it brought to achieving my goals. For instance, the Founders Story PowerUp was an effortless experience…. simple input yielded a powerful statement that I was completely comfortable with. And the Creativity Scale was a game changer — it came up with embellishments that I never would have written on my own. It truly powered up my game.”

Dr. Carlos Garcia
Elaine Zelby

“You put on a really great session both in terms of logistics/overall smoothness and polish of the founders. I’ve done TONS of Zoom demo days, and this was potentially the best I’ve seen. Clearly the program that you have at StartupOS is insanely valuable.”

“StartupOS has proven to be an invaluable platform for Call Emmy. Through our engagement with the platform, we’ve not only connected with potential investors but also refined our messaging, culminating in our securing the top position in a pitch competition. The caliber of mentors available on the platform is exceptional, providing founders like us with a valuable resource for guidance and support. One standout aspect is the platform’s commitment to amplifying the visibility of under-represented founders, a gesture we greatly appreciate. I wholeheartedly recommend the StartupOS community to every founder, particularly those navigating the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. It’s a dynamic space that offers unique opportunities and support for growth.”

Arezou Zarafshan
David Charlot, PhD

“Participating in the SVB/StartupOS pitch competition was a game-changer for us. StartupOS provided not just a platform, but a transformative journey. From refining our presentation to honing our value proposition, every step was guided by expert mentorship. This collaboration has been instrumental in our success. It’s not just about winning; it’s about the ongoing impact and growth opportunities they provide. We’re excited about our continued involvement in the StartupOS ecosystem.”

“The StartupOS platform has allowed us to showcase our excellence as founders of disruptive businesses. With their guidance, crafting and delivering our pitch has become seamless. Their AI-driven platform effectively frames our company story. Prepared to face tough questions, we’re now primed for more pitching opportunities.”

Anita Darden Gardyne
Sergio Schirmer

“Participating in StartupOS has been an exhilarating journey, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Grateful for the platform, the remarkable startups we met, and the invaluable insights from esteemed mentors. Radiolife is excited for what’s to come in reshaping diagnostics!”

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