Taking off With Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

Today, we launched Pitch Perfect 2! I get asked all the time, “Are you an accelerator or an incubator?” I like to say that we’re a little of both—and a whole lot more! At StartupOS, our mission is to democratize access to innovation tools, guidance, and capital to dramatically increase the likelihood of new ideas becoming successful businesses.

Let’s first compare incubators and accelerators: Startup incubators help entrepreneurs refine business ideas and build their company from an idea to MVP, while startup accelerators are organizations that offer mentorship, capital, and connections to investors and business partners. They’re designed for select startups with promising MVPs and founders to rapidly scale their company’s growth.

Are you an accelerator or an incubator?I like to say that we’re a little of both—and a whole lot more!

So, why is StartupOS both and more? StartupOS is for founders just starting out and validating their idea, building an MVP, and achieving product-market fit. If your startup is in a situation where it has a validated MVP and a strong founding team, but not enough capital to scale and get significant traction, your startup could be a good fit for StartupOS. Alternatively, if your company is very early-stage and needs help getting past an idea or understanding your problem-solution fit, value proposition, or prioritizing an MVP, your startup could also be a good fit for StartupOS.

As a company, we serve startups, founders, mentors, and investors through our platform. Founders increase their chances for success by leveraging the value of the StartupOS platform through education, community, advisor feedback, one-on-one mentoring, and access to investors. Mentors gain fresh, new insights and perspectives, the opportunity to contribute to the startup ecosystem, and a new network. Investors gain access to opportunity dashboards that include not only fundamental data about our startups, but also leading indicators that help identify early signs of PMF before traditional methods of traction.

With over 2,000 companies pre-registered for our 11/30 GA launch, we are getting ready for takeoff!

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