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The StartupOS AI-enabled PowerUps, innovative pitch deck generator, exclusive discounts, and dynamic community are all essential tools for propelling your startup towards extraordinary success. Fuel your ambition, unlock your potential, and join a thriving ecosystem designed to amplify your startup’s success.

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Do you need help crafting your business plan? Are you just getting started with your startup idea?  

We got you covered!

Create a stellar pitch deck

Navigate the intricate art of pitch deck creation with our AI-enabled PowerUps. Learn the nuances of compelling storytelling through interactive exercises. Complete the PowerUps, and watch as your ideas transform into a powerful narrative that captivates investors with our AI-Powered Pitch Deck Generator.

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Exclusive pitch day events

Elevate your startup’s visibility with our exclusive pitch day events. Gain access to exceptional opportunities to spotlight your venture in front of a carefully curated audience of influential financial backers and institutions. Present your innovative ideas, foster valuable connections and potential partnerships.

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Connect with a thriving community

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with the support of a vibrant community. Engage with fellow founders, mentors, and investors on the StartupOS Community platform. Share experiences, seek advice, and forge valuable connections that can propel your startup to new heights.

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Connect with investors and enterprises

StartupOS is your gateway to investor connections and strategic enterprise partnerships. Our platform’s tailored matchmaking ensures you connect with the right stakeholders aligned with your goals. Gain visibility, save time, and propel your startup towards unprecedented growth opportunities.

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Exclusive discounts and partner solutions

Gain access to exclusive discounts on essential services and solutions through our network of partners. From legal advice to marketing services, our partnerships are designed to enhance your startup journey while being light on your budget.

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What our founders say.

Check out what our amazing mighty founders have to say about StartupOS!

Kadeisha Pinkney
Kadeisha Pinkney

“StartupOS has cultivated a dynamic founders’ community, nurturing collaboration and progress, while providing expert guidance in enhancing our storytelling and refining our pitches, leading us on the path to success.”

Kadeisha Pinkney & Nehika Miglani



“Prior to StartupOS I’d been using a number of AI and ChatGPT-based solutions (WrightSonic, LivePlan) to develop ideas. As a tech person, the key attraction to StartupOS was its AI’s simplicity and guidance. I can read, walk-through and fill-in a few simple bits of information — instead of “engineering” a series of ChatGPT prompts — and get great results. That was a huge power-up!

The difference between StartupOS’ PowerUp AI and other tools I had been using, like WrightSonic and LivePlan, was the simplicity, specificity and guidance it brought to achieving my goals. For instance, the Founders Story PowerUp was an effortless experience… simple input yielded a powerful statement that I was completely comfortable with. And the Creativity Scale was a game changer — it came up with embellishments that I never would have written on my own. It truly powered up my game.”

Dr. Carlos Garcia

Founder & CEO

Health Quest Gaming

Kadeisha Pinkney
Kadeisha Pinkney

“I have loved enhancing our startup’s offerings using AI tools from StartupOS. Their platform has brought exceptional clarity to our team, particularly in fine-tuning our business model and organizing our data room. This has enabled us to concentrate on growing our business and effectively engage with investors. Their combination of outstanding technology and a dedicated team truly makes them invaluable. It’s a game-changer!”

Jodi McPherson

Co-Founder & CEO

Work Simplr

“Participating in StartupOS has been an exhilarating journey, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Grateful for the platform, the remarkable startups we met, and the invaluable insights from esteemed mentors. Radiolife is excited for what’s to come in reshaping diagnostics!”

Sergio Schirmer

Founder & CEO


Kadeisha Pinkney
Kadeisha Pinkney

“StartupOS has proven to be an invaluable platform for Call Emmy. Through our engagement with the platform, we’ve not only connected with potential investors but also refined our messaging, culminating in our securing the top position in a pitch competition. The caliber of mentors available on the platform is exceptional, providing founders like us with a valuable resource for guidance and support. One standout aspect is the platform’s commitment to amplifying the visibility of under-represented founders, a gesture we greatly appreciate. I wholeheartedly recommend the StartupOS community to every founder, particularly those navigating the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. It’s a dynamic space that offers unique opportunities and support for growth.”

Arezou Zarafshan

Founder & CEO

Call Emmy

Accelerator events

Partner with StartupOS on one of our themed, regional, or internal StartupOS virtual accelerator events.

Investor Value

Offering unparalleled access to a robust network of investors, experienced mentorship, increased visibility, in-depth education, vital operational tools, and a supportive community, we empower startups to gain traction and secure the funding needed for exponential growth.

Access leading indicators for early stage startups

We offer a forward-looking analysis of a company’s potential by assessing a blend of operational, financial, product, and team-oriented indicators. These key signals serve as a predictive lens, offering insights into the company’s future trajectory and performance.

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Expand your opportunity pipeline

Expand your top-of-funnel and grow your deal pipeline through the StartupOS Opportunity Dashboard with custom filters that fit your investment criteria.

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Automate investment discovery with personalized precision

Be seamlessly fed tailored opportunities based on your defined criteria. Effortlessly access customized investments aligned with your preferences and objectives.

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Build your watchlist

Easily build a unified and qualified watchlist with all the information you need about companies, people, or projects. Data is automatically enriched by StartupOS. Streamline your workflows and save time.

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Mentor Value

Embark on a fulfilling mentorship journey, empowering founders to thrive and succeed on their entrepreneurial path with your guidance and support.

Impact future startup leaders

Embark on a fulfilling mentorship journey, empowering founders to thrive and succeed on their entrepreneurial path with your guidance and support.

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Give & guide with flexibility

With the StartupOS platform, you can discover perfect mentee matches and easily adjust your availability and level of involvement to suit your busy schedule and commitment.

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Grow & expand your network

Join our vibrant community of mentors, industry leaders, and innovators to foster continuous learning, collaboration, and growth, igniting the spark for your future endeavors.

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Indulge in your passion for continuous learning

Mentorship may be a rewarding two-way street, inspiring creativity and inspiration on both sides. It is an opportunity to give back and offer your perspective however, it can be a canvas to learn new ideas, and expand your network. You have the power to transform lives and shape the future of aspiring entrepreneurs.

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