Announcing Bolt: an AI Assistant for Perfect Startup Profiles and Founder Stories

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We are introducing an AI-powered startup assistant called Bolt. Bolt helps founders perfect their startup profiles and generate compelling founder stories to attract investors. With its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, this assistant analyzes data and provides valuable insights to help founders complete market analyses and identify gaps in their profiles.

The AI assistant also generates personalized and persuasive founder stories that highlight key attributes and capture the attention of potential investors. With Bolt, founders can present a compelling and polished profile that maximizes their chances of securing funding and taking their startup to the next level.

StartupOS is currently utilizing OpenAI’s API to leverage large language models, such as GPT3.5 and Davinci, in our application. These models are employed on-demand for completion requests, with each request tailored to train the model on delivering expected answers. The primary focus of StartupOS is prompt engineering to ensure consistent and useful results. In this report, we will discuss our current utilization of AI in the app and outline our future plans.

We use AI for the following features in our application:

  • Founder Story Generation
    Our AI assists users in writing compelling founder stories. We instruct the model to assume the personality of an experienced copywriter specializing in creating professional narratives about company founders.


  • Profile Review and Suggestions
    AI reviews startup and user profiles, offering valuable suggestions for improvement. Depending on the context, we specify whether we require a report format or a machine-readable response.


  • Sentiment Analysis
    Ensure appropriate content tone, our AI performs sentiment analysis on statements and taglines. It adapts the messaging style based on the startup’s nature, such as using a nurturing tone for an educational children’s product or an edgier tone for an automotive part manufacturer.


  • Business Idea Evaluation
    AI reviews and provides brief market analyses for business ideas proposed by users.


  • Solution Review
    AI assesses the efficacy and feasibility of solutions proposed to address identified problems.


  • Future Directions
    Moving forward, StartupOS aims to focus on proactive AI use cases, shifting from on-demand services to continuous data-driven assistance. The current input-output model, where users generate content and AI provides reviews, has limitations in adding substantial value to the platform. To enhance user experience, we plan to implement the following strategies


  • Proactive Suggestions
    Instead of solely relying on user input, we will develop systems that constantly review data and provide proactive suggestions to users when possible. As an example — recognizing usage patterns, we can target notifications to encourage desired behaviors.


  • Intelligent Matchmaking
    As we gather more data on users and expand our user base, we can develop intelligent matchmaking features. These features will facilitate the creation of circles comprising related startups, founders, investors, and other relevant stakeholders.

StartupOS is effectively leveraging AI in our app to provide valuable services, including founder story generation, profile review, sentiment analysis, business idea evaluation, and solution review. Looking ahead, we are committed to enhancing user experience through proactive AI utilization and the development of intelligent matchmaking features. By embracing these future directions, we anticipate delivering even greater value and innovation to our platform.

Our aim is to constantly provide you with valuable suggestions and intelligent matchmaking features. Say goodbye to relying solely on user input – we’re harnessing the power of continuous data-driven assistance to enhance your user experience and propel your startup forward.

Join the growing community of startup founders who have already embraced the power of Bolt. Sign up for StartupOS today and unleash the potential of your startup with Bolt, the ultimate AI-driven assistant for success.

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