Spotlight on Success: Revealing StartupOS Jan 30th Pitch Event Top 5 Finalists & Panel of Esteemed Judges

We are ecstatic to announce the top 5 finalists who have earned their spots in the highly anticipated StartupOS pitch event on January 30th, 2024!

These startups represent the pinnacle of innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. Chosen from a competitive field, they exemplify what it means to be at the forefront of industry innovation. We are excited to see them showcase their groundbreaking ideas and compete for the top honors in front of our esteemed panel of investors. Let’s give a warm welcome to our top 5 finalists!

Meet the Finalists 

(in alphabetical order by company name)

Malik Gray, Be My Duo

Malik, CEO and Founder of Be My Duo, leverages his extensive experience in software development and passion for gaming to create a unique dating app tailored for gamers seeking authentic connections.

Brandon Webster , Campgrnds

Brandon Webster, founder of Campgrnds, pioneers the first SMS-based fashion resale market, revolutionizing the intersection of narrative storytelling and investment in the world of secondhand fashion.

Vanessa Buchanan, Cosmic Life

Vanessa Buchanan, a San Antonio native, the visionary force of Cosmic Life, is committed to providing unwavering support to individuals and families. At Cosmic Life, we transform the insurance industry to guarantee accessible and meaningful coverage for everyone.

Dr. Carlos J Garcia, Health Quest Gaming

As an avid gamer and scientific nerd since he was just a wee lad, Carlos has always sought innovative ways to merge his two passions into something meaningful and beneficial for all. Decades of healthcare and gaming experience have culminated in the creation of Health Quest Gaming, a medical video game company striving to empower patients in their wellness journey unlocking healthier outcomes through the power of play.

Diane Moca, MomSub

As a mother who struggled for years to maintain affordable and reliable childcare, I created MomSub to reduce the cost, hassle and stress of finding, arranging and managing childcare by matching a mom who needs care with one perfect mom or other caregiver who provides it when and where she wants it, whether that’s every week or once in a while. As we build the Uber of childcare, we’re different from the others because we handle every aspect, including searching, scheduling, interviewing, negotiating, background checks, booking, confirming, invoicing, payments and even ongoing communication to resolve any issues for as long as a mom needs childcare in her life.

This elite group of finalists will be presenting their revolutionary concepts, all competing for top three prizes, as well as other exclusive opportunities.

Meet the Judges

Jeffrey Nolte, Founder, Investor & Advisor at Nolte

Jeffrey is a seasoned investor and advisor dedicated to empowering early-stage tech entrepreneurs through strategic coaching, advising, and investment. His expertise lies in fostering transformative change and innovation in the entrepreneurial world.

Jenna Nicholas, Managing Director of One Planet VC & Head of Corporate Development at One Planet Group

Jenna brings over a decade of experience in venture capital investments, specializing in seed and Series A companies, and spearheading mergers and acquisitions in the tech sector. Her notable achievements in impact investing and strategic philanthropy, including her work with the World Bank on green bond development, have earned her recognition on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Social Entrepreneurship.

Our finalists have benefited immensely from our unique mentorship program, receiving guidance from seasoned industry professionals. They have also leveraged our state-of-the-art AI tools to refine their pitches to perfection.

On January 30th, we will witness the culmination of hard work, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit at the StartupOS pitch event. Who will emerge victorious and take their business to new heights? Be there to find out!

Congratulations to our top 5 finalists! We are all eagerly looking forward to your performances and wish you the best of luck.

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