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per year

Access to Investors and Mentors to help your startup secure investment!

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Icon, LightningAccess exclusive Webinars, Workshops, & more
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Public Framework with an individual cohort and opportunity dashboard.

Begin with the StartupOS framework, tailoring it to meet the specific requirements of your unique use case. Whether you’re building from the ground up or enhancing your current accelerator program, you can adapt it as a pre-accelerator, cultivate an alumni network, or simply augment its capabilities. Select from an array of StartupOS features and decide on the most suitable environment—public, private, or hybrid—to optimally align with your model’s needs.


All enterprise pricing is for purchase.

Host your own startup pitch event

Bronze – Silver – Gold sponsorship of an Themed Accelerator Event


Pricing for educational institutions includes our free Premium Plan for students with a .edu email address as well as plans for teachers and universities.


A new resource for all aspiring entrepreneurs.



single use

Teachers, run a full class on creating a startup complete with building a pitch deck and working with mentors, investors, and AI driven tools and support.



annual license

Increase your offerings with a branded digital accelerator offering in building startups, engage with alumni, and regional investors.


Foster startup ecosystems within your local communities.



single use license




each additional cohort

Public Framework with an individual cohort and opportunity dashboard.

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