We revolutionize
entrepreneurial education.

Empower the next generation of entrepreneurs on your campus with StartupOS, a comprehensive online platform designed to enhance, teach, and nurture student entrepreneurship.

Excited graduate
Excited graduate
Excited graduate

Capability Building.

Connections, Made Simple.

StartupOS brings an innovative approach to managing your academic community. Our digital platform is tailored to connect and actively engage every member of your university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Icon, LightningFoster Connections: Link your ecosystem’s members, showcasing their innovative projects and ideas.
Icon, LightningMentorship Network: Build a vibrant network of industry experts and advisors, offering invaluable guidance to budding entrepreneurs.
Icon, LightningInvestor and Alumni Engagement: Give your investors, alumni, and partners a gateway to your ecosystem, or tap into ours for broader exposure.
Icon, LightningResource Sharing and Collaboration: Facilitate the sharing of resources and knowledge, encouraging collaboration on a grand scale.
Icon, LightningEvent Organization: Host and organize events seamlessly with a flexible calendar, categorizing by themes or hosts.
Icon, LightningAdvanced AI Learning Tools: Utilize our rich AI-driven toolkit, packed with educational resources to enhance learning and development.
Icon, LightningMulti-Departmental Support: Our platform is versatile enough to support various departments simultaneously.
Icon, LightningFlexible Access and Customization: Allow students to access resources as needed. Teach a complete entrepreneurship course using StartupOS, or tailor your own accelerator program. You can fully integrate with our system or selectively use components that fit your ecosystem’s needs.
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