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community initiatives.

Foster startup ecosystems within your local communities, providing spaces for growth, connection, and resources on the StartupOS platform.

Excited graduate
Excited graduate

Community Cohort

Diverse collaboration, cohesive innovation, scale out, up & deep, together.

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Key Benefits

Icon, LightningEnhance Your Ecosystem’s Impact – Accelerators have set the bar high in startup development. StartupOS is here to take your achievements even further. Our Community Launchpad is designed to complement and amplify your current programs, offering a unique, sector or region-specific edge.
Icon, LightningAlways Open, Easily Accessible – Use StartupOS to bring together top thinkers and doers across sectors, regions, socio-economic groups and generations to share their collective insights, energy and innovations. Engage policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, business, philanthropy and thought leaders all in one online platform.

Icon, LightningA Cohort Experience Like No Other – Before fully integrating with our platform, test the waters with a cohort on our public platform. Maintain confidentiality while accessing our extensive network of mentors, advisors, and investors. It’s an opportunity to experience the power of StartupOS without full commitment.
Icon, LightningLearn From Our Collaborative Successes – Interested in the impact we’ve made alongside other accelerators and enterprises? Explore our journey of empowering innovation.
Icon, LightningEcosystem Expansion for Accelerators
  • Customizable Learning Tools: Adapt our AI-enhanced tools to fit your curriculum.
  • Branded Mentorship Network: Connect startups with mentors under your banner.
  • Personalized Networking Opportunities: Expand your network in a way that aligns with your brand.
  • Scalability Tools: Tailor insights and strategies to suit the specific needs of your startups.
  • Onboarding Experience: Design an onboarding journey that reflects your accelerator’s culture.
  • Performance Tracking: Customize PMF indicators and other metrics to measure success in your terms.
  • Opportunity Dashboards: Design dashboards that resonate with your accelerator’s focus areas.
Icon, LightningDemo Day Reimagined – Conclude each cohort with a Demo Day, showcasing startup innovations to your program leadership. public and private sponsors, constituents and wider audience. It’s a celebration of growth and potential, bringing heightened visibility to your local, state and regional efforts and entrepreneurial community.
Icon, LightningPartnership, Not Equity – Our goal is to create lasting partnerships with leading foundations and civic organizations, enhancing your processes without intruding on your member agreements. We operate on a straightforward monthly platform licensing fee, aligning our success with yours.
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