Mindbowser and StartupOS Partner to Accelerate Startup Growth

Empowering Founders: StartupOS Partners with Mindbowser for Innovation and Expertise

Mindbowser, a leader in digital transformation and product engineering, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with StartupOS, a pioneering platform that helps founders grow their startups with essential AI tools, expert guidance, and a community of mentors, investors, and partners. Through this collaboration, StartupOS users gain access to unparalleled expertise and resources, unlocking new possibilities for growth and innovation.

In today’s fast-paced business world, startups face unique challenges that require innovative and tailored solutions. This partnership positions Mindbowser and StartupOS as essential allies for startups, providing vetted and reliable technical support crucial for navigating the dynamic business landscape. Our combined efforts not only address the vital needs of emerging businesses but also reduce the risks associated with engaging unproven technical partners.

Ayush Jain, CEO of Mindbowser, expresses his enthusiasm: “This partnership with StartupOS marks a significant milestone in enhancing startup capabilities. By blending StartupOS’s robust platform with our digital transformation and product engineering prowess, we aim to equip startups with the tools they need to achieve their goals and drive meaningful value.”

StartupOS and Mindbowser are united in their commitment to fostering innovation and equipping startups with essential tools and knowledge. This collaboration forms a vibrant ecosystem where startups can thrive, adapt, and stand out in a competitive market.

Jeff Wagner, Chief Platform Officer at StartupOS, adds, “At StartupOS, we’re dedicated to empowering early-stage founders with critical resources. Our alliance with Mindbowser broadens this commitment, bringing top-tier expertise in digital transformation and product engineering to the table. Together, we’re setting startups on a path to seize opportunities and build solid foundations.”

The partnership between Mindbowser and StartupOS represents a unique fusion of technological acumen and innovative thinking, poised to help startups overcome challenges and excel in today’s market.

About Mindbowser
Mindbowser is the most trusted digital transformation and product engineering company with 11+ years of experience, digitizing 100+ customers in 7 countries across different industries. Mindbowser focuses on Design Thinking, Clean Code, DevSecops & Quality Automation through its cutting-edge solutions in Mobility, Data Science, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain & ML.

To learn more about Mindbowser, visit mindbowser.com

About StartupOS
StartupOS is a platform that elevates startups with essential tools, expert guidance, and a supportive community of mentors, investors, and partners to help founders grow their startup. The platform aims to increase the overall number, confidence, and probability of long-term success for all founders, regardless of their background.
StartupOS offers a series of learn-by-doing activities to equip founders with all the resources and knowledge they need to build their startup from the ground up, making it the perfect platform for validating ideas, building an MVP, achieving product market fit, and pitching to investors. Paired with a vast community of mentors and investors, StartupOS provides access to invaluable startup knowledge and resources that are essential to every founder’s journey. The platform also offers access to an extensive Partner Ecosystem loaded with top-tier solutions and services to streamline and simplify a founder’s back-office operational needs.

For more information, visit startupos.com 

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