Mentor Magic

Through mentoring, our mentors gain fresh insights and perspectives, the opportunity to become a better leader, contribute to elevating the startup ecosystem, gaining inspiration, motivation, new network and new friends.

  • Are individuals with deep industry or entrepreneurial experience gained within the startup/innovation ecosystem
  • Work with early stage founders and startups without expectation of reward or compensation
  • Willingly share their knowledge and guidance freely, and open their networks when appropriate
  • Commit at least 2 hours per month for mentoring sessions

Our Creed

Be inspiring

Startups are brutal

Be altruistic

Startups are broke

Show empathy

Founders are people too

Be direct

Startups can handle the truth

Be their North Star

Help founders navigate their uncharted journey

Maintain trust

Keep it in the family

Be responsive

Founders are chasing capital, customers, and product market fit – make it easy to find you

Always guide

Advise and never control – this is their ship to steer

Enlighten them

There are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns

Be a Share Bear

Share your knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, your network

What does success look like for startups?

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Having a seasoned network of mentors that startups can tap for guidance at their point of need will help founders/startups smooth out their journey and improve their chances of a successful outcome. It will provide founders/startups with a confidential channel to share their thoughts and key concerns and receive thoughtful feedback/guidance as needed.

What is in it for the mentors?

An opportunity for them to share their experience and provide guidance to help founders/startups succeed. Earn badges (or NFTs) that they can post to their LinkedIn profiles. Improve their skills in mentoring by participating in formal training or certification programs.

What is a mentor?

A mentor works with you sharing their knowledge, expertise, and guidance in the area that the founder wants to improve in and learn about. Mentors asks questions to the founder to help them understand and find a path forward, offering advice when requested.


  • Confidential support, guidance, and ideas
  • Improved development
  • Increased self-awareness of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Access to experience, learning to fast-track their own approach
  • Improved confidence in dealing with challenges and uncertainty, change, or transition
  • Networking opportunities
  • Gain fresh insights and feedback tailored for your startup


  • Gain perspectives and fresh ideas
  • Reverse mentoring
  • Badges for PowerUp certification
  • Learn more about the challenges, purpose, and workload of other teams
  • Opportunity to give back, improved job and personal satisfaction
  • Networking opportunities
  • Altruistic – it’s in their blood
  • Increased stature and reputation at a regional or national level


  • Builds mentoring capabilities and leadership skills
  • Develops leaders at all levels
  • Maximize founders’ potential
  • Benefit from diversity and improve inclusion across the profession
  • Expanded professional networks
  • Increased platform viability
  • Creates a culture of support and enablement
  • Increase likelihood of startup success

How It Works

Mentor registers on network

Explore whether you meet membership criteria and register your interest in joining with us

Approved by StartupOS

Once approved, complete your mentor profile

Added to mentors page

Your mentor profile includes additional information

Mentor match program

Our platform connects you to ideal founders — once connected, arrange your first mentoring session ASAP

Relationship starts

Begin mutually beneficial mentor and founder relationship

Be open to reverse mentorship

Gain new skills and insights from a newer, diverse generation of entrepreneurs

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StartupOS provides tools, guidance, and funding opportunities to personally and regionally diverse early-stage founders, helping them validate their ideas, hone their pitch, and check in with experienced mentors along their journey.

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Do you qualify?

See if you meet our member criteria.

  • Shared vision
  • Aligned values
  • Deep industry or entrepreneurial experience within startups/innovation
  • No expectation of reward or compensation
  • Can commit to at least 2 hours per month of mentoring

Most available tools for founders are just question and answer forms without much guidance. This platform provides both tools and guidance. I like the warm introduction to mentors and investors. Getting feedback from mentors at each step is valuable.

Sulina B. (Entrepreneur)