Mighty Mentors

Inspire & ignite the next generation of founders.

You hold the keys to success.

It’s no secret that the success of a startup is fiercely upheld by a network of experienced mentors. The startup journey can be complex and confusing, especially for first-time founders. On top of that, some founders struggle to access mentorship, especially if they are located away from popular innovation hubs. These are the founders that need you the most.

As a mentor, you are an essential part of the startup ecosystem. You hold the experience and stories to drive a new generation of passionate founders and trailblazing startups towards success.

Join the StartupOS community to guide, inspire, and ignite founders of the future. Seize the opportunity to learn new things, gain new perspectives, and foster innovation and creativity as we work together to shape the future of entrepreneurship.

We know people looking for them.

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Mighty Founders

Mentor-to-Founder mentorship is a priceless opportunity to help new startups succeed. Founders crave guidance from those who have walked in their shoes and are willing to share their wisdom. By offering guidance to founders, you help them carve a path forward in their startup journey. And we believe that your timely advice will help founders grow their startup success.


Mighty Mentors

The journey of learning is cyclical. Mentorship may be a rewarding two-way street, inspiring creativity and inspiration on both sides. You hold the ability to empathize, advise, and respond to founder’s questions, thoughts, and key concerns as they power through their startup journey. It is an opportunity to give back and offer your perspective however, it can be a canvas to learn new ideas, and expand your network.


The gift that keeps giving

Mighty Mentor

  • Gain new perspectives & fresh ideas
  • Engage in reverse mentoring
  • Learn more about the challenges, purpose, & workload of emerging founders & startups
  • Experience the opportunity to give back
  • Improve job & personal fulfillment
  • Grow networking opportunities
  • Share your experience (it’s altruistic & in your blood!)
  • Increase your reach & reputation at both regional and national levels

Mighty Founder

  • Receive priceless support & guidance
  • Access knowledge to improve your development
  • Learn to fast-track ideas
  • Increase self-awareness of strengths & areas of improvement
  • Improve confidence in approaching challenges, change, uncertainty, & transition
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities
  • Gain fresh insights & expert feedback

Mighty OS

  • Boost mentoring capabilities & leadership skills
  • Develop leaders for all levels
  • Maximize founder potential
  • Boost diversity & improve inclusion across mentors
  • Expand professional networks
  • Increase platform viability
  • Create a culture of support & enablement
  • Increase the likelihood of startup success