Innovating for Equality: Top 5 Startups Pitching at Our Women’s History Month Event

Women's History Month

This Women’s History Month, we are excited to continue the celebration with spirit of innovation and equality with the Silicon Valley Bank and StartupOS sponsored pitch event in San Francisco. Join us at the SVB Experience Center on March 21, 2024, as we showcase the top 5 startups, led by inspiring women entrepreneurs, who are redefining the landscape of their industries.

These dynamic founders have demonstrated incredible talent and dedication, and we are eager to watch them take the stage.

Meet the Finalists 

(in random order)

Kelly Lacob, 2X Health

2X Health is a pioneering platform dedicated to revolutionizing women’s health through advanced multi-omic profiling and personalized health solutions. Founded by experts in next-gen molecular diagnostics and digital health, our focus on women’s unique biological and physiological needs sets us apart, allowing us to track, monitor, and optimize health outcomes effectively.

Joyce Medeiros, Investrio

Investrio specializes in financial planning and advisory services for young professionals. We offer self-service tools, a platform for advice, and a community to enable advisory services at scale. Our platform serves as the mission control for your money, allowing you to manage your finances from debt to wealth in one place. Think of us as the TeleDoc for Financial Advice.

Heather Lawver,

At, our simple 5-step Brand Quiz generates strategic, data-backed brands & seamlessly applies them across all the marketing & pitch materials you need to launch your startup dreams.

Brooke Hill, Swella

At Swella, we specialize in delivering innovative hair braiding services. Our braid salons boast cutting-edge robotics, including our patent-pending Unravl device, designed to streamline the unbraiding process and minimize time commitments.

Jodi McPherson, Work Simplr

With decades of experience in education, Work Simplr is a women built company founded by Jodi McPherson and Leah Jewell. Work Simplr unlocks the simplicity of freelancing exclusively utilizing student talent. Work Simplr taps into talented, under-represented students to offer businesses a de-risked, cost-effective outsourcing option for entry-level remote work .


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We invite you to join us in congratulating these exceptional founders on their well-deserved success. The top 3 winners will be announced on March 22, 2024.

Together, let’s celebrate the innovative spirit of these trailblazing women and their contributions to entrepreneurship and equality. Here’s to making this Women’s History Month a memorable and impactful one!

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