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What is StartupOS? How does it work? Do I give up equity? We’ve compiled answers to our most commonly asked questions down below. Learn more about how StartupOS benefits founders here.

What is StartupOS?

StartupOS is a platform for early stage startups, providing equitable access to tools, guidance, mentoring and capital for personally and regionally diverse founders. The platform offers navigation through a series of learn by doing exercises that allow for assessment and benchmarking of a startup’s journey while offering support, mentoring, and funding opportunities through a series of matched connections.

StartupOS aims to dramatically increase the overall number of startups and their probability of success for new, diverse generations of founders.

Do I give up equity when I join StartupOS?

No. You do not give up any equity by joining StartupOS.

How does StartupOS Score work?

It’s calculated automatically and its logic will continue to evolve over time. The score is made up of several factors: PowerUp completed, Mentor Check-ins, Teammate Collaboration, Profile completeness, and Platform usage and engagement levels. At present, all new users start at a score of 250.

Can I leave a PowerUp and finish it later?

Yes, but be sure to press the Next button to save any work that you may have entered on the screen.

Can I do the PowerUps in a PowerPack in any order?

We do suggest completing PowerUps in a certain order to gain efficiency as some learn-do activities build on prior knowledge and work. However, you can start and complete PowerUps in any order. The only caveat for the Pitch Perfect PowerPack is that certain PowerUps must be completed before you can schedule the two Advisor Plugins. These 1:1 meet-ups are sequenced and premised on certain work being completed to ensure that you and your mentor can make the most of your time together.

What is a PowerPack?

A PowerPack is a collection of PowerUps and Plugins to achieve a particular outcome. For example, the Pitch Perfect PowerPack is a series of PowerUps and Plugins that help to put together a pitch deck.

When can investors search and view my profile?

Your profile becomes viewable to investors on our platform once your StartupOS Score is 550 or higher, and if your Investor View toggle is switched on. You can control your visibility to investors by going to your Profile page and toggling Investor View to on or off. By default, the Investor View is set to off i.e. your profile is not visible.

On My Startup, what's the difference between Investor View and Open for Investor View?

The Open for Investor View allows you to control which of the StartupOS Insights you would like to make visible to investors. The Investor View toggle has to be turned on to make the insights to be visible.

How can I ask for help?

Please reach out to us at success@startupos.com.

If you are logged in, you can use our live chat system. On the right hand side of each PowerUp or Plugin screen, under Need Help?, press the Ask for help button. Alternatively, you can press the purple StartupOS located on the bottom right corner of each screen, and click on Live Chat.

What do I do about this technical issue or bug I've discovered?

On the right hand side of each PowerUp or Plugin screen, under Need Help?, press the Ask for help button. Alternatively, you can press the purple StartupOS located on the bottom right corner of each screen, and click on Live Chat.

What is the difference between an Advisor and a Mentor?

At present, these terms are being used interchangeably.

How can I schedule time with my Mentor?

Once you have completed the prerequisite PowerUp’s, use the Advisor Plugin to select the dates/times that work best for you. Once submitted, this request goes to the Advisor/Mentor and they will send you a confirmation of the booking.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions I can request with my mentor?

We ask that you limit your sessions to no more than 60 minutes in a week. This could be one 60 minute session, or two 30 minute sessions.

Why do you need to know where I live?

We only ask for your zip code to identify the city and State/Province that you are living in. This information is used to monitor usage locations and for geographic diversity related metrics, and in the future may be used for other purposes.

Is StartupOS available for mobile?

Yes, the StartupOS app uses a responsive design which means it runs and responds to the form factor of most mobile browsers. However there are some features that are not available mobile browsers due to user experience. Our initial testing on mobile has revealed some anomalies. For iPhones, the Safari browser experience is testing better than Chrome iOS.

Where can I find the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

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