SDM Accelerator Event

Software Defined Manufacturing

Software Defined Manufacturing empowers companies to digitize, automate, and optimize their production, paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and innovation. Discover the future of manufacturing at our themed pitch event.

Startups, seize the opportunity to pitch your innovative solutions on the demo day. Enterprises, enhance your brand by sponsoring through StartupOS and unlock growth opportunities through groundbreaking technologies that redefine manufacturing processes. Join us for a transformative experience at the intersection of technology and manufacturing.

  • Application Open Window: February 1st, 2024
  • Deadline to Apply: July 28th, 2024
  • Demo Day: August 28th, 2024

Ways To Get Involved


Join us for our groundbreaking pitch event as we embark on a journey to uncover the next generation of visionary founders and groundbreaking startups


Join the platform to apply to pitch to our award-winning panel of judges at one of our quarterly themed events.


Sponsor the next great quarterly themed event and establish meaningful connections and impactful collaborations with high-potential startups.


Icon, LightningMarket Exposure and Brand Credibility
Icon, LightningAccess to Customer Bases
Icon, LightningLearning and Mentorship
Icon, LightningFinancial Stability and Support
Icon, LightningScaling Opportunities
Icon, LightningNetworking Opportunities
Icon, LightningExpand Expertise
Icon, LightningAccess New Resources
Icon, LightningUnlock New Opportunities
Icon, LightningFinding PMF


Icon, LightningAccess to Innovation
Icon, LightningAgility & Speed (time to market)
Icon, LightningCultural Infusion
Icon, LightningMarket Insights
Icon, LightningCost Effective R&D
Icon, LightningTalent Acquisition
Icon, LightningRisk Mitigation
Icon, LightningEnhanced Brand Image
Icon, LightningDiversification of Portfolio
Icon, LightningCompetitive Advantage
Icon, LightningForm Strategic Partnerships

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