October 23, 2024: Cybersecurity

Generative AI

Startups that leverage generative AI to enhance communication networks, improve bandwidth allocation, optimize network operations, and offer innovative communication services. These include AI-driven predictive maintenance, customer service automation, and personalized communication solutions.

  • Application Open Window: February 1, 2024
  • Deadline to Apply: September 20, 2024
  • Demo Day: October 23, 2024

Elevate your venture on a platform that bridges the gap between agile startups and leading enterprises. Engage with our StartupOS AI Accelerator to transform your innovative ideas into market-leading solutions.

Item Logo One Year Free Premium Subscription: Gain exclusive access to Enterprises, Investors, and AI Powerup Tools. Our platform not only connects startups with a substantial customer base and investors, but also offers guidance and a mentor network, equipping your venture with all the tools necessary for dynamic growth and success.

Ways To Get Involved


Join us for our groundbreaking pitch event as we embark on a journey to uncover the next generation of visionary founders and groundbreaking startups.


Join the platform to apply to pitch to our award-winning panel of judges at one of our quarterly themed events.


Join the Cybersecurity GEN AI Accelerator and establish meaningful connections and impactful collaborations with high-potential startups.

Startups: Join us to share your extraordinary vision and seize the opportunity to pitch to investors!

How? It’s simple!

  • Login or Signup for StartupOS.
  • Complete your Startup profile.
  • Complete your Account profile.
  • Complete and upload your startup Pitch Deck.
  • Upgrade to a premium membership.
  • Apply to pitch.

Boost tip—An active website, pitch deck, founder story & video, social presence, LinkedIn profile, and/or articles of incorporation can help legitimize your business! 
Note: Completing these items will increase your startup score. Each startup will have a score generated based upon the StartupOS scoring algorithm, which will help in determining our top 5 candidates for the pitch day event.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Focus on AI Technologies: Startups applying to the Accelerator Event must primarily focus on developing and leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies within the specified subject category, which includes Cybersecurity.
  • Stage of Development: Applicants should be at the pre-seed, seed, or early-stage funding round and have a demonstrable product or service. Preference will be given to startups with scalable business models and the potential for rapid growth.
  • Venture Backing: Startups must either be venture-backed or have the potential to attract venture funding in the future. Priority will be given to startups that demonstrate a clear path to scalability and market traction.
  • Team Requirements: All members of the startup team must be 13 years of age or older at the time of entry.
  • Legal Entity: Startups must be registered as a legal entity, such as a C-Corp, LLC, or equivalent. Sole proprietorships and partnerships may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Intellectual Property (IP): Applicants should possess or demonstrate the potential for underlying intellectual property related to their AI technologies, such as proprietary algorithms, patents, or unique software solutions.
  • Scalability: Priority will be given to startups with scalable business models and the potential for rapid growth and market expansion.

Winners will be announced on October 24th!


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