Empowerment Through Innovation: Join Us for a Black History Month Pitch Event in San Francisco!

Black History Month

Pitch Your Vision and Compete for Prizes at SVB & StartupOS Sponsored Event

$60K in total prize money!

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Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and StartupOS are once again uniting to present a remarkable pitch event hosted at the SVB Experience Center in the heart of San Francisco on February 27, 2024. This event is not just about entrepreneurship; it’s a celebration of diversity, innovation, and a tribute to Black History Month.

Join us to share your extraordinary vision and seize the opportunity to pitch to investors!

We understand the challenges of forging a path in the competitive startup landscape. SVB and StartupOS are on a collective mission to unlock untapped potential and are dedicated to advancing inclusivity and opportunity. In a world where less than 2% of venture capital investments are directed towards Black and Latina female communities, it’s time to be the catalyst for change.

Exclusively open to early-stage startup teams, this pitch competition aims to identify and support emerging founders from underrepresented groups, including Women, Black, or Latinx entrepreneurs, who are building companies with a meaningful impact.

 Get ready to make new connections, celebrate innovation, and engage with a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, change-makers, leaders, and fellow attendees.

How? It’s simple!

Over the course of the event:

Boost Tip

An active website, pitch deck, founder story & video, social presence, LinkedIn profile, and/or articles of incorporation can help legitimize your business! 

Note: Completing these items will increase your startup score. Each startup will have a score generated based upon the StartupOS scoring algorithm, which will help in determining our top 5 candidates for the pitch day event on Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024!

Prize breakdown

Each of the top 5 startups will receive:

  • $1,000 stipend towards your travel and accommodations
  • Award of $4,000
  • Pitch at the SVB & StartupOS sponsored Pitch Day in San Francisco, CA on February 27, 2024

Day of the event

  • 1st Place = Additional $15k
  • 2nd Place = Additional $12k
  • 3rd Place = Additional $8k

 Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Feb 28th!

 Eligibility Criteria

  • Silicon Valley Bank and StartupOS sponsored Pitch Days are open exclusively to early-stage startup teams. Our pitch competition looks to discover and support emerging segments (Women, Black or Latinx) founders building impactful companies.
  • The startup must be in its early-stage (pre-seed or seed) in external funding.
  • All members of the startup team must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.
  • The startup can target any sector or industry and should have a viable product or service (has potential for underlying IP as you scale) that is already venture-backed and/or venture backable.
  • Startups must be based and operating in the United States.
  • Startups must be incorporated to apply for the event.

Meet with the StartupOS Team for additional support by scheduling a session with us!

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