Empowering Innovation: Celebrating Black History Month with the Top 3 Winners at the SVB & StartupOS Pitch Event

In a remarkable celebration of Black History Month, we are thrilled to announce the top 3 winners of the SVB & StartupOS Pitch Event held on February 27, 2024 at the SVB Experience Cener in the heart of San Francisco. This event was not just a competition, but a vibrant showcase of talent, innovation, and dedication. Let’s recognize the achievements of these outstanding entrepreneurs:

1st Place: Onēva
Prize: $15,000

Anita Gardyne

Onēva is transforming in-home care by providing trustworthy and accessible services through employers, positioning it as a valuable wellness benefit. Simultaneously, it elevates caregiving to a respected and safe profession, ensuring fair wages and support for local independent business operators.

2nd Place: Wiggl Health
Prize:  $12,000

Dr. Mason Orme

Wiggl Health is a forward-thinking, data-centric platform dedicated to empowering businesses in managing health concerns within the hybrid work environment. By leveraging the power of advanced AI technology, and wearables we identify potential work-associated health risks well ahead of time.

3rd Place: AuraSense
Prize: $8,000

Dr. David Charlot

AuraSense revolutionizes neurology care with HapticsHealth™, an AI-powered digital therapy gaming platform that transforms extensive 5-hour exams into a quick 10-minute exercise, enhancing treatment and clinical trial efficiency. Co-founded by Amber Ivey, JD, a policy expert with multiple sclerosis, and David Charlot, PhD, a bioengineer with a child having a rare neurological condition, AuraSense addresses the $100B+ care gap in neurology through its innovative solution, merging professional expertise and personal experiences to provide accessible, quality neurological assessments.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to these exceptional startups. Their inspiring ideas, coupled with their entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring.

Special recognition goes to the other two founders who displayed remarkable innovation and dedication, Dr. Derek BanyardSayenza Bio and Miguel ZepedaComplify. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we are confident that each of you will continue to make significant strides in your entrepreneurial journeys.

We would also like to express our deep appreciation to our esteemed panel of judges. Their expertise and commitment were instrumental in selecting the top winners and fostering an environment of fair and constructive competition.

As we move forward, let’s keep the spirit of innovation and diversity at the forefront, celebrating the remarkable achievements of entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Together, we are not just nurturing businesses; we are empowering change-makers!

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