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Diverse minds, Pitch Perfect

Launching our mission to empower all founders

The world needs personally and regionally diverse founders, and StartupOS empowers founders with the necessary knowledge and confidence to make [your idea, your dream, your business] a reality. Imagine a world with equitable access to great startup business tools and sources of funding. We think this, paired with valuable guidance from serial entrepreneurs, will make you unstoppable.

To our member-founders we tout the importance of MVP, or minimal viable product, and the Pitch Perfect campaign is ours. It’s our way of testing our business hypotheses while providing valuable outcomes to our early users: a high-quality pitch deck.

Special offer for 30 early-stage startups or founders to create their perfect pitch

In marketing-speak, “Pitch Perfect” marks the launch of our minimum viable product. Within the StartupOS platform itself, “Pitch Perfect” is a PowerPack (a series of learn-by-doing exercises, or PowerUps) that moves you progressively towards the outcome of creating the perfect pitch for your business. Early customers discover and hone their business stories while being guided through finding Problem-Solution-Fit, identifying their market size, building a revenue model, creating a brand, and everything in between on their way to a real investor pitch.

The substance of your story is important. Equally important is the quality of your storytelling. We strongly felt that the first series of functions for StartupOS should be related to successfully telling the story of your business. And completing exercises like finding your market size and establishing your revenue model to do so would build in the benefit of vetting your idea and preparing it for launch.

Each step in the process builds on the step prior, though we realize some founders may already have considered their revenue model (or may already have a brand, and so on). So while the path to your perfect pitch is linear with various advisor check-in points, users have the flexibility to skip around and move at their own pace.

Founders, the world needs YOU!

An entrepreneur is somebody who is so passionate about solving a problem that they will disregard a large percentage of what otherwise might be their life. For founders just starting out, validating their ideas, building an MVP, and so on, time is your most valuable asset. PowerUps (learn-by-doing exercises) and PowerPacks are incredible time-savers. Pitch Perfect focuses on the required exercises to successfully give an investor pitch in a fraction of the time required to create one on your own, all with valuable guidance from advisors/mentors.

Founders who complete Pitch Perfect emerge with a branded, advisor-approved pitch deck, and the storytelling chops to crush an actual meeting with an investor.

Drawing inspiration

Pitch Perfect, poster

We love the thought of making something look cool that might otherwise be thought to be overly cerebral or intellectual. We’re offering the formula for the perfect pitch deck. We’re showing you how to WOW an audience. We tested a number of messages and visuals, but a group of confident up-and-comers resonated best with early-stage founders. We aim to create the same type of self-assuredness for our early users.

Illustration, Pitch Perfect formula


A big reason 80% of seed-funded startups fail is because they can’t pair the right stories to their amazing ideas. To an investor, the perfect pitch is concise, accurately describes the challenge and your solution, and looks beautiful. Guiding 30+ startups up to and through the all-important investor pitch has been a gratifying experience, and we’re just getting started. With nearly 300 requests from almost every continent for our 30-seat MVP, we feel validated that this was a great place to start. We learned that the demand for help from would-be founders exists and that our proposed methods for doing so are valuable to our audience.

Our path forward

We have built our platform for the broadest and most diverse pool of talent to tackle current and future unknown challenges. As we move towards a marketable release we’ll fortify the attention given to early-stage founders as they launch their businesses and we look forward to making additional tools and more in-depth guidance available. As we tell users before they dive into Pitch Perfect: Buckle Up!

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