Announcing the Top 3 Winners of the Dec 5th StartupOS Pitch Event!

Celebrating Innovation: Meet the Top 3 Winners of the StartupOS Pitch Event

After an exhilarating pitch event yesterday, filled with innovation, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, we are thrilled to reveal the standout startups that have emerged as the top winners of the StartupOS Pitch Event. These remarkable entrepreneurs have captured the attention of our esteemed judges and investors, and their promising ventures have earned them well-deserved recognition.

1st Place Tie: Call Emmy and Work Simplr

Arezou Zarafshan, Call Emmy: Sharing the first-place spotlight is Call Emmy, another visionary startup that captured the hearts of our judges. Their remarkable approach to providing essential services and support is poised to make a significant impact. Call Emmy’s dedication to making a difference shine brightly in their pitch.

Jodi McPherson, Work Simplr: This innovative startup has redefined the way we approach workplace efficiency. Their groundbreaking solutions impressed our panel of experts, and they have secured a well-deserved spot at the top. Work Simplr’s dedication to streamlining and enhancing productivity is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

3rd Place: Radiolife

Sergio Schirmer, Radiolife has secured the third-place position with their forward-thinking approach to healthcare and well-being. Their commitment to improving lives through technology and innovation resonated with our judges and investors. Radiolife’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life is truly commendable.

We also want to extend our appreciation to all the other competitors who took part in the event. Their dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship is truly inspiring. In our eyes, everyone’s a winner, and this marks just the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

A very special thanks to our esteemed judges, Ammar Hanafi, Bradley Horowitz, and Richard Ling.  Their valuable insights and careful consideration were instrumental in evaluating these outstanding startups and their potential impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who made this event extraordinary.

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