Announcing Our Esteemed Judges for the StartupOS Pitch Event!

Meet the Visionaries: Introducing Our Expert Judges and What They Seek in the Next Startup Success Story

The StartupOS pitch event on December 5th is an opportunity to shine and showcase the top 10 groundbreaking ideas to a select group of investors. To add to the excitement, we’re delighted to introduce the three distinguished judges who will be evaluating your pitches and determining the winners of this thrilling competition.

Meet the Judges:

Ammar Hanafi – General Partner, Moment Ventures
As the General Partner at Moment Ventures, Ammar has a keen eye for innovative startups. With a track record of identifying and nurturing emerging technology companies, he’s well-versed in recognizing the potential of disruptive ideas.

Bradley Horowitz – General Partner, Wisdom Ventures
Bradley brings a wealth of experience in the tech and venture capital world. He’s been a driving force behind some of the most successful startups, and his insights will be invaluable in assessing your pitches.

Richard Ling – Managing Partner, Palm Venture Studios
Richard is known for his strategic thinking and investment acumen. He’s passionate about supporting startups and has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

What Are They Judging?

Our judges will be evaluating a wide range of criteria during the pitch event. They’ll be looking for:

Innovative Ideas – Does your startup offer a unique and game-changing solution to a real-world problem?

Market Potential – Is there a significant market demand for your product or service, and have you identified your target audience effectively?

Team and Execution – Do you have a skilled and dedicated team to turn your idea into reality, and have you demonstrated effective execution strategies?

Sustainability – What’s your plan for long-term success and growth? How do you plan to navigate challenges?

Presentation Skills – Can you convey your vision and passion effectively in your pitch? How well can you communicate the value of your startup?

Top 10 Finalists

In case you missed it, we recently announced the top 10 finalists who will be competing in this prestigious event. These startups have demonstrated outstanding potential and have made it through a rigorous selection process. The judges will have the exciting task of choosing the winners among these promising ventures.

Stay tuned for updates on the event, including the announcement of the first, second, and third-place winners, who will receive exciting prizes

Missed participating in this event?

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