Accelerator FAQ.

This document provides a comprehensive overview of the features, capabilities, and benefits of the StartupOS platform. Whether you’re a prospective accelerator, mentor, or startup looking to enhance your ecosystem, this FAQ will answer your key questions about our platform. From pricing and licensing to implementation, technical support, user experience, and more, we’ve got you covered. Explore how StartupOS can help you streamline your operations, support your community, and drive success for your startups.

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General Questions

What are the pricing tiers for your platform? 

StartupOS offers several pricing tiers to accommodate various needs. Please refer to the StartupOS Plans & Pricing table for detailed information.

Is the pricing model based on the number of users, usage volume, or a flat rate? 

StartupOS uses a recurring SaaS model. Details on user accounts and storage are outlined in the Plans & Pricing table.

Are there additional costs for features like integrations or training? 

No, project implementation, integrations, and setup training are included in the plan.

Are there discounts for non-profits or government organizations? 

Yes, our Community and Education plans reflect discounted pricing for nonprofits and government-associated organizations.

Implementation and Onboarding

What is the typical implementation timeline? 

Customers are typically up and running within 3 weeks. We can expedite this to 1 week with active participation from the client’s core team.

What kind of onboarding support do you provide? 

Admin onboarding is scheduled post-configuration. All roles (Founder, Mentor, Investor, Corporate) can onboard on-demand 24/7.

Do you offer training sessions for staff and clients? 

Yes, we provide comprehensive training sessions, along with an extensive product video library and interactive labs.

Can the platform be customized to match our branding and specific needs? 

Yes, customization options include domain name, client logo, and color branding.

Technical Support and Maintenance

What kind of customer support is available? 

Support is available Monday – Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET, with high-priority event support available outside these hours with advance notice.

How often are updates and new features released? 

Major releases occur annually with weekly small changes and fixes. Many features are customer-driven.

What is your process for handling technical issues or outages? 

Issues can be logged via in-app chat or email. We have a dedicated support team for critical issues, ensuring prompt resolution.

Do you provide detailed documentation and support resources? 

Yes, including in-app tutorials, product videos, quick start guides, FAQs, and AI-driven support through Bolt AI.

User Experience

How intuitive is the user interface for both clients and staff? 

Our platform is designed with startups in mind, ensuring intuitive navigation and streamlined administrative tools for staff.

Can the platform be accessed without complicated login procedures? 

Yes, we support single sign-on and simplified login using LinkedIn or Google credentials.

How customizable is the navigation and layout for different user roles? 

The platform offers a high degree of customization for different user roles, ensuring a tailored experience for all users

Communication and Collaboration

Does the platform support direct messaging or group chats? 

Yes, the platform supports direct messaging with in-app and email notifications.

Can the platform integrate with Slack or replace the need for it? 

Our platform includes features redundant with Slack and supports integration via webhooks.

Are there features for scheduling and booking meetings? 

Yes, users can book virtual meetings with other ecosystem members directly through the platform.

Event/Scheduling Management

How does the platform handle event calendars and registration? 

Admins can create and manage events, which are displayed on the Home and Events pages. Registration for events is supported directly through the platform or via integrations with tools like Eventbrite.

Can users register for events directly through the platform? 

Yes, users can register for events directly through the platform.

Analytics and Reporting

What types of analytics and reporting capabilities does the platform offer?

We offer comprehensive analytics through the Opportunity Dashboard and custom reporting via QuickSight and Mixpanel.

Can we track resource usage and user engagement in detail?

Yes, detailed tracking of resource usage and user engagement is available.

Are there tools to monitor progress and performance metrics for both clients and staff?

Yes, advanced analytics tools are provided to monitor various metrics and user activities.

Integration and Compatibility

How does your platform integrate with MS 365?

Integration includes PowerPoint file generation, calendar appointment compatibility, and CSV exports for Excel.

Does your platform support Single Sign-On (SSO)? 

Yes, we support SSO with Google, LinkedIn, and can accommodate Microsoft 365.

What integrations are available with other tools and systems?

Our platform integrates with various tools, including CRM systems, Slack, Eventbrite, and more.

Does the platform support API access for custom integrations?

Yes, we offer public APIs for custom integrations.

Security and Compliance

What security measures are in place to protect user data? 

We use industry-standard security practices, including Auth0 2.0, AWS best practices, SSL, and PostgresQL encrypted data.

Is the platform compliant with relevant data protection regulations? 

Yes, we are SOC2 compliant and in the process of gaining GDPR certification.

How is user access and permissions managed?

User access and permissions are managed through Auth0 2.0 and AWS/IAM.

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