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Investor impressions

Here’s what StartupOS founders have to say…

  • Nate Fish
    “The process is gamified. It’s fun. I can come back to the platform every day and see my score and earn points and see my progress…The platform is really well thought-out…”
    Nate Fish
    Founder, Footprint
  • Ben Bartolome
    “The vision of StartupOS is so compelling…StartupOS platform is exactly what every founder needs when starting their company… Every person who wants to be a founder deserves their shot, no matter where they're from, the color of their skin, their gender, the extent of their education, and so on. Every person.”
    Ben Bartolome
    Co-Founder, walkthrough
  • Shannon Aylesworth
    “StartupOS does a great job at ensuring that the investor perspective is coming through to you in the tool with tips and hints… and in validating (or invalidating) my own strategies and vision for the product…”
    Shannon Aylesworth
    CEO/Founder, MyHealthHatch