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For founders just starting out and validating their idea, building an MVP, and achieving product market fit.

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The world needs diverse founders more than ever.

Empowering All Founders

Imagine a world with equitable access to great startup business tools and sources of funding. This, paired with valuable guidance from serial entrepreneurs, could make you unstoppable.

The world needs personally and regionally diverse entrepreneurs.

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Directional Guidance

It’s tough to validate your ideas in a vacuum, and our process offers regular 1-on-1 advisory sessions with startup mentors.

Learn By Doing

PowerUPs are self-contained learn-by-doing exercises tied to outcomes or workflows.

Network of Investors and Mentors

Our network of interested investors and mentors is constantly checking in on the progress of our active startups.

Based on my experience, most of the available tools for founders are just question and answer forms without much guidance. This platform provides both tools and guidance. I like the warm introduction to mentors and investors. Getting feedback from mentors at each step is valuable.

Sulina B.

It’s holding my hand! Instructions and plans are a necessary framework that allows us to harness chaos and drive creativity… to solve problems more effectively. StartupOS puts structure around the chaos of building a startup and addresses all of the uncertainties along the way to product market fit and the specific metrics that you would need to hit in order to build a viable business.

Matt W.

It’s like a very cool self-starter kit with lots of helpful tips and tools. If you’re somebody who’s not incredibly social, and I know a lot of technical founders who are uncomfortable getting in front of people and talking – this makes it much easier.

Lynn M.

This really motivates me, there’s a framework here which is going to help me build a company. It’s going to help me develop a business model, speak to users and mentors, acquire customers, and scale.

Ben D.

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For founders just starting out and validating their idea, building an MVP, and achieving product market fit.

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