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Welcome to StartupOS

For founders just starting out and validating their idea, building an MVP, and achieving product market fit.

The world needs diverse founders more than ever.

Empowering All Founders

Imagine a world with equitable access to great startup business tools and sources of funding. This, paired with valuable guidance from serial entrepreneurs, could make you unstoppable.

The world needs personally and regionally diverse entrepreneurs.

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Directional Guidance

It’s tough to validate your ideas in a vacuum, and our process offers regular 1-on-1 advisory sessions with startup mentors.

Learn By Doing

PowerUPs are self-contained learn-by-doing exercises tied to outcomes or workflows.

Network of Investors and Mentors

Our network of interested investors and mentors is constantly checking in on the progress of our active startups.

  • Nate Fish
    “The process is gamified. It’s fun. I can come back to the platform every day and see my score and earn points and see my progress…The platform is really well thought-out…”
    Nate Fish
    Founder, Footprint
  • Ben Bartolome
    “The vision of StartupOS is so compelling…StartupOS platform is exactly what every founder needs when starting their company… Every person who wants to be a founder deserves their shot, no matter where they're from, the color of their skin, their gender, the extent of their education, and so on. Every person.”
    Ben Bartolome
    Co-Founder, walkthrough
  • Shannon Aylesworth
    “StartupOS does a great job at ensuring that the investor perspective is coming through to you in the tool with tips and hints… and in validating (or invalidating) my own strategies and vision for the product…”
    Shannon Aylesworth
    CEO/Founder, MyHealthHatch
  • Roshane Sasson
    “StartupOS has honed my focus on what businesses and customers are looking for within my product. It has helped to clarify and pinpoint my specific value proposition.”
    Roshane Sasson
    Founder & CEO, Birthvue
  • Riley Ellingsen
    “StartupOS Pitch Perfect platform has been a helpful tool to consolidate and reflect on the insights we've gained from recent validation efforts, without wasting time…The ease of use allowed us to, instead, focus our attention on crafting compelling narratives from the data that will enhance our pitch.”
    Riley Ellingsen
    Co-Founder, heARsight

Partner Ecosystem

Gain exposure to highly relevant customers through referrals, integrations, and sponsorships within the platform. By partnering with StartupOS, our customers become your customers and, together, we make them more successful.

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C\R Strategy Partners

We partner with enterprises and ventures on every step of the innovation journey; from strategy and engineering to launch and traction.


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